Redefine human-machine interaction


With an aim to deliver a high-quality product/service, Treeleaf provides customer-centric software solutions that are intended to match industry standards across various spectrum ranges of the AI industry. The company works on a strategic level from design to the implementation process and ensures that the client requirements are met across every part of a software development journey to guarantee enterprise-grade quality.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

In the past, long manual codes were written by developers to achieve even basic computer vision functionalities that too with less precision and accuracy. However, with an exponential rise in artificial intelligence, deep learning and data generation machines can self detect, recognize and trace visual data content and patterns with more accuracy than ever, revolutionizing a large number of industries in the process. These industries include medicine, photography, automotives, manufacturing industries, social media etc.

Treeleaf has built a wide range of customized computer vision solutions which include face detection, face recognition, object detection, face and object tracking, liveness check, motion detection, image similarity, document verification, signature detection and verification to address the challenges of these numerous industries.


While the OCR has achieved a steady quality improvement over the years, the demands of modern day organizations have overwhelmed its development. Hence, many organizations have turned their attention towards AI to amplify their efficiency by deriving insights from the document instead of just creating a simple digital template. OCR can be used by businesses for managing financial reports, trade documents etc.

Treeleaf’s result driven, automated OCR service helps your business navigate through the ever changing dynamics of the world and saves time, money and resources compared to the conventional OCR services, bringing you up to date with the latest technologies on hand.

Our services include information extraction from documents, invoice and bills, books digitization, form and table extraction from documents, signature detection and verification and data extraction from government issued documents like passport, citizenship, driving license.

Optical Character Recognition
Chat Bot


As the use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing day by day in almost every industry, businesses have moved towards automated functionalities to provide a reliable and timely customer service to their customers. As a result, Chatbots and business industries have come in partnership to resolve and fully understand customer’s inquiries, minimize labor cost and improve user experience.

We provide customized end to end solutions which include domain specific chatbot model, knowledge graph for interactive conversation, third party integration for custom actions, FAQs and MQTT based scalable real time chat infrastructure.

Sentiment Analysis

The trend of extracting meaningful insights from different sources of data has been expanding in recent years and is being embraced by corporations across the entire globe. The ability to grasp sentiments behind large chunks of data, especially social data has made organizations able to plan for a better strategy and improve focus on their customers.

Treeleaf focuses on quality and always provides a thorough analysis to obtain a highly accurate depiction of customer opinions. Our Sentiment Analysis solution provides a complete text based sentiment analysis on news, blogs, social media post, newspapers, TV etc in a small as well as large scale and includes a complete ETL pipeline from ingesting data from different sources in real time and with powerful data visualization.

Sentiment Analysis
Big Data

Big Data

Treeleaf also provides data solutions to various companies which helps them design and apply an extensive Big Data strategy, enhance all the possible processes and combine them in an organized manner to generate maximal revenues possible.

We develop customized big data software to compliment the system you already have so that it can open the door for a balanced time and cost investment. Our Big Data technology stack includes hadoop, hive, presto, drill, tez, spark, hbase, kafka, cassandra, arangodb, aerospike.