Software Engineer - Machine Learning (NLP)

We are looking for a Natural Language Processing Developer to help us improve our NLP products and create new NLP applications.

Job Responsibilities

Design and Implement NLP and NLU applications.
Train, evaluate, and test the NLP models.
Implement and optimize Core NLP problems (POS tagging, NER, stemming, etc.)
Solve domain-specific NLP and NLU problems.
Algorithm optimizations and enhancements.

Requirement and Qualifications

3+ years of experience in Natural Language Processing development.
Proven experience as an NLP developer or similar role.
Understanding of core NLP techniques for text representation, extraction, and modeling.
Ability to effectively design software architecture
Knowledge of Python and/or Java.
Ability to write robust and testable code.
Experience with machine learning frameworks (TensorFlow, scikit-learn) , NLP tools(NLTK, CoreNLP, OpenNLP) and visualization tools( Matplotlib, D3, Plotly)
Strong communication skills
An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities
Knowledge of computer vision and data science will be a plus point.


Working knowledge of any chatbots preferably with RASA
Working on Agile Methodology.
JIRA or similar agile tools.
Comfortable working in a Linux environment.


5 working days
Insurance Plan
Citizen Investment Trust (CIT)
Lunch facilities
Attractive salary for deserving candidates
Periodic Salary review and Grading
Periodic refreshment programs


Please send your CV at