Computer Vision, Software Engineer

Job Post: Computer Vision, Software Engineer

Position Type: Full Time

Job Responsibilities

Working with the computer vision team to develop, evaluate and optimize various computer vision and machine learning/deep learning models for different problems like detection, segmentation, classification, and tracking.
Process and analyze the image and video data through image processing and computer vision.
Take ownership to drive computer vision solutions and meet customer requirements.
Deploy and maintain the developed models on edge devices to meet customer requirements.

Requirement and Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in computer science, data science, mathematics, or a related field, should have strong technical knowledge and experience in computer vision.
Understanding about depth and breadth of image processing, computer vision, feature engineering, and machine learning/deep learning algorithms.
At least 1 year of experience in computer vision and machine learning for object detection and tracking along with semantic or instance segmentation either in the academic or industrial domain.
Experience with any machine/deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, and PyTorch.
Experience in training models through GPU computing using NVIDIA CUDA or on the cloud.
Ability to transform research articles into working solutions to solve real-world problems.
Must have a good understanding of data structure, algorithms, and OOP programming.
Proficiency in Python and related packages like NumPy, scikit-image, PIL, OpenCV, matplotlib, etc.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills for effectively communicating with the team and ability to present information to varied technical and non-technical audiences.
Must be able to produce solutions independently in an organized manner and also be able to work in a team when required.
Must be familiar with Git, Working on Agile Methodology JIRA or similar agile tools.
Comfortable working in a Linux environment


5 working days
Insurance Plan
Citizen Investment Trust (CIT)
Lunch facilities
Attractive salary for deserving candidates
Periodic Salary review and Grading
Periodic refreshment programs


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