5 Ways Digital Technology Is Shaping Our Business!

July 30, 2021
Man Using Digital Dechnology in Dark Background

Digital Transformation is a buzzword in today’s era. Amidst all the global advancements in digital technology and automation, companies reconfigured several times on how they operate to adapt and meet the demands internally and externally.

The world of business is evolving continually. And just like the way biological evolution ensured the survival of species in ever-changing conditions, digital transformation is making sure that businesses grow and thrive irrespective of the technological changes happening in the world.

While many traditional businesses overlook the benefits of digital growth as disruption, they indeed add incredible value to an organization. According to innovatesystem.co, 85% of companies believe that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity.

In a world of global-tech economy, businesses failing to adapt to changes in the market will dissolve against others fulfilling the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Digital transformation is undoubtedly creating opportunities for innovation across all industries.

This is the era of speed!

Digital transformation is happening right here and now!

On the grounds of the businesses rapidly improving, re-innovating, executing disruptions and user-friendly models, we can safely say this as the “Latest Industrial Revolution”, where addressing customer’s pain points and solving their problems by deploying technology- is a must..

Revolution in the Industry through Digital Transformation!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In a world of rapid growth, humans, whether in the sector of customer care or assembly lines, are replaced by AI. There used to be a time when a dedicated employee was hired to communicate and manage product inquiries of a company.

This soon shifted to machine learning, automation, and AI-based learning systems through messaging bots like Google Duplex services after the profound advancement in many sectors. Though for now, it’s a small segment switching to such platforms, we can imagine a future where AI bots perform instead of humans.

Perhaps, soon on the way for our very own Jarvis!

Customer Experience

Customers’ experience is elevated and satisfied when a product is manufactured to perfection-without even the smallest of errors. In comparison to humans, machines are quite reliable and accurate when controlling quality.

This is why many manufacturing businesses have shifted towards automation for quality control and delivering excellent customer experience.

The best examples are the automobile manufacturers fabricating various parts with precise details and measurements with the utilization of machines and computers.

Product Digitization

It’s not just about advancement but also about how these innovations are adopted and used in our daily lives to offer value to the users and businesses.

For example, according to Fortune, Maersk, the world’s leading shipping company, successfully tested to track its cargo with the help of “blockchain” technology. This was achieved by monitoring each container remotely via digital connections secured by cryptographic signatures.

Another domain where digital transformation shines is the banking and finance sector.

Where is our bank right now?

That’s right! On our mobile devices. “Digital finance” empowered account holders to transact through our handheld devices easily and effortlessly.

Process Optimization

Making it quick and accurate- that’s the human motto for any process!

While humans have always worked hard, fatigue, trials, and errors are major variables affecting their efficiency. But the same level of productivity is easily and efficiently achieved by automation. For instance, rather than waiting for a ride, passengers can procure Uber services easily, quickly, and at reasonable fares. This effective digital transformation in transportation changed the way we travel daily.

Likewise, another classic example is Netflix. Replacing the traditional broadcast and cable television networks, Netflix offers an exponential library of on-demand entertainment content at a competitive price. This has eliminated the need for anyone to go to theatres or even stores to buy or rent visual content.

Employee Engagement

Yes! Digital transformation is replacing humans. AI and machine learning are far more profound in assessing risks and errors. But nobody should conclude that digital advancement will create unemployment. Rather, with such technologies, any business can expand and grow to a new height on a bigger scale.

It means employees can work efficiently and smartly. This leaves the repetitive and mundane tasks to machines and allocates their time and energy to valuable operations and creativity. And for other business prospects!

Bottom Line

For every problem, there is a solution. And for us, in this age, it's; wait-for-it, Digital Transformation!

Digital transformation and business automation have always set the stage for businesses to succeed. When used correctly, these technological advancements have provided businesses, employees, and customers with countless merits.

Together, digital transformation and business automation improves efficiency, controls production cost, controls waste, boosts customer experience, and enhances their satisfaction.